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Personalized Weight Loss Coaching in Hallock, MN

Prepare to reap the rewards of weight loss coaching in Hallock, Minnesota from two dedicated individuals. Team Fitness with Kim & Donna was started by a dynamic duo after discovering the benefits of holistic health care. Let Kim and Donna act as your personal fitness coaches, guiding you to the best supplements, eating plans and exercise programs to achieve your goals.

Kim's Story

Kim Loved how her body first reacted to Xyngular products back in January of 2010. Being B-12 deficient, Kim had a weak immune system, chronic sinus infections, and a general lack of energy. These supplements proved to be a blessing. Today, she no longer has to take B-12 injections, her immune system is up, the chronic sinus issues are no more, and she has maintained a healthy weight! Now Kim is paying it forward to help others discover these incredible products.

Donna's Story

After more than 18 years as a registered nurse, and 20 years spent as an LPN and CNA, Donna always cared about people. That is what inspired her to spread the word about Xyngular supplements that can make a difference in peoples' lives. After trying Xyng and accelerate, Donna gained energy, alertness, and an elevated mood during her long hospital shifts, all without the jitters. Donna has lost fifty pounds and maintained it years later. Donna also is paying it foward to help others discover these incredible products.