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Stay Healthy with Our Nutritional Supplements in Hallock, MN

Whether you are looking for specific nutritional supplements in Hallock, Minnesota or general weight loss programs, Team Fitness with Kim & Donna can help. We support you via group chats, Facebook, and even personal phone calls and texts. Ask our team about finding the right supplements for flushing toxins, eliminating free radicals, and absorbing nutrients the natural way!

Kit with nutritional supplements in Hallock, MN

Xyngular Weight Loss Kit

The Xyngular weight loss kit is designed to help people lose weight and inches at a jaw-dropping speed. With the right combination of products, dietary choices, activity, and support, lasting results can be seen in just 30 days! Even if you just want to tone up, our easy-to-follow system will help you achieve your goals faster, providing a solution that is permanent.

Xyngular Wellness Kit

The Xyngular wellness kit is designed to promote and sustain general health for as long as you use it. Through a unique combination of nutritional supplements, dietary choices, activity suggestions, and support, the Xyngular wellness kit will drastically improve overall well-being that aids in healthy aging.

Kit with weight management supplements in Hallock, MN
Daily Essentials Kit

Xyngular Daily Essentials Kit

Staying healthy is something you have to dedicate yourself to day after day. The Xyngular daily essentials kit helps you keep up your healthy routine with convenient monthly shipments. These automatic shipments include all of the essentials you need to maintain your health every day.

Xyngular Energy Kit

The Xyngular energy kit supports healthy energy levels through a powerful combination of Xyngular's best-selling energy product Xyng, our award-winning non-stimulant energy drink Spryng, and the powerful, nutrient-dense Xypstix. In addition to these great items, the energy kit also provides food and exercise suggestions that support healthy energy levels for the long-term.

Energy Kit


Xyngular bundles are a great way to combine your favorite products into one convenient purchase. These are the best way for new and existing members to begin their transformations while adding extra products that let a friend or family member do the same. By bundling our most popular kits and products, you can even get free products and added savings. Wholesale orders do not require auto-ship.

Individual Products

Keep it simple and purchase a single Xyngular product today. You can target your most pressing health concerns, including low energy, weight loss, or simply maintain overall wellness. Xyngular has the perfect product to help you start feeling, looking, and living better.